Policy and Process

Musomatch™ Advertising Policy and Process

As a musicians social networking site Musomatch is purely about music and the various services and products that serve that community Sponsorship and advertising provides both a service and a financial benefit to Musomatch™ and its registered users. The intent of this policy is to ensure consistent application of guidelines and practices related to sponsorships and advertisements. Musomatch™ will not solicit or accept sponsorships from entities whose practices, policies or operations are deemed unacceptable or contrary to our values.


The following are intended to provide general guidance. They are not inclusive or exhaustive and are subject to change.

  1. The presence of an advertisement on Musomatch™ website or contained within any created brochures or newsletters does not imply endorsement of the advertised product (service or event).
  2. Advertisers agree that they will not collect any personally identifiable information from our website visitors.
  3. There will be no guarantee of exclusivity. Musomatch™ reserves the right to accept advertising or sponsorships equally which may include competitors for a specific product (service or event).
  4. Any links contained within an advertisement must be valid and approved.
  5. Appropriate links usage would lead to the advertiser’s website, landing page or registration portal.
  6. Musomatch™ has a limit of liability is equal to the fee charged for the advertisement or sponsorship
  7. All advertisements must comply with Musomatch™ terms and conditions If the advertiser or sponsor is a Advertising an education service they must have proof of the appropriate qualifications and training.
  8. This policy applies to all forms of advertising or sponsorships including meetings, newsletters and online
  9. The positioning of advertisements within a site or document is at the discretion of Musomatch™ unless pre-agreed with the advertiser.
  10. Advertisements and sponsorship messages must focus exclusively on their own product (service or event) and must not compare or defame any other company or competitor.

Advertising and Sponsorship Criteria:

Advertising and sponsorships will be allowed based on the following criteria.

  1. Musomatch™ at its sole discretion, reserves the right to decline or accept an advertisement or sponsorship.
  2. Must be “music” related and of interest and value to the directory membership
  3. Aligns with the Musomatch™ mission and goals
  4. Offers services, products that supports musicians
  5. All advertisements and sponsorship materials must be submitted to Musomatch™ and approved in advance
  6. Advertisements and sponsorships must clearly and accurately represent the company, product, service or event
  7. Those offering training services must prove their qualifications with scanned certification to demonstrate their training completion

Prohibited Advertising / Formats:

In general, any advertisement that is deceptive (by either statement or omission), makes unsupported claims or is incompatible with the values of Musomatch™ will not be deemed acceptable.

  1. Pop-ups or floating ads or surveys or other methods that actively disrupts the user experience
  2. Ads that have forms, cookies or applets contained within them to collect personally identifiable information
  3. Contains unsolicited commercial messages
  4. Contains content that is vulgar, offensive or discriminatory
  5. Violates or infringes upon the rights or copyrights of others
  6. Contains re-directs to unrelated or unauthorized sites
  7. Contains or leads to any dating or sex orientated sites and services

Advertising Process

1. Advertising images and logos are to be submitted in .jpg, .eps or.gif file formats and need to be;

  1. Side bar square ads in pixels 298w x 250h
  2. Full width banner ads in pixels 978w x 160h

2. The image and url for any link are to be sent through to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , they will be checked and if suitable put on the site.

3. Once on the site an invoice will be raised for payment within 7 days

4. Removal of the advertisement will occur either one calendar month or one calendar year after commencement. Depending on the agreement.


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