About Us

Musomatch is a musicians networking site, a trademarked Musicians register.

The concept came from the founder landing in Australia in August 2007, with a drum kit and ambition but not being able to properly connect with the local Muso’s or find a way into the network and start playing – It was obvious that some local and national communication forum, register or website was required and after only a few hours the concept was complete!

Its simply a register showing name, instrument, availability, location along with other information to set up a musician as a registered Musomatch user. They can either be hobby, amateur, semi pro or professional musicians and can then share information, chat and advertise their skills, join forces with like minded Muso’s, create a band or just get to know their immediate Muso network and services. All instruments catered for and over 700 to choose from. Along with the network of Muso’s the site will have local shops, venues and other music related services advertised and available to the registered users to browse.

Sign up and get to know who is here, then promote the site in your area to make it work for you!